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30 June 2022

What will be different for local people?

Plans for Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent will include:

Joined-up and better care

Work together to bridge gaps between health and social care to provide more joined-up and better care for our local population.

Reduce inequalities

Reduce inequalities by making sure that everyone has access to high-quality services wherever they live

Empower and support people

Empower and support people to take an active role improving their health and wellbeing with an emphasis on prevention.


Ensure that people and patients are at the heart of decisions made about health and care services.


Bring services closer to the people who use them.


Promote community-centred care to help people to live independent and healthy lives.


Provide health and social care professionals access to more data and technology to
inform decisions.

One system with one strategy

Connect everyone who uses, delivers, and manages health and care services, by creating one system with one strategy.

Work together

Working closely as a health and care system to make the best use of money and resources.

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