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Provider collaboratives

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30 June 2022

Provider collaboratives are being established to support relationships and collective engagement between providers in making services better for our patients.

Together with place-based partnerships, the provider collaboratives will work with existing collaborations, to understand where gaps and opportunities exist at a system and local level and agree priorities using Population Health Management and variation data.

Provider collaboratives are also ideally placed to support the ongoing collection of data from service users, not just about their experience of services, but also data that will provide the ICS with a better understanding of the local population and support early detection of inequalities.

The collection of data to tackle inequalities and to support the management of the wider health and care system is covered under articles 6.1.C, 6.1.E and 9.2.H in the General Data Protection Regulations.

Regular collection of data, including demographics and protected characteristics, will increase our knowledge of the health and wellbeing needs across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent and would complement intelligence collected from our wider communities.

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