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30 June 2022

About careers and education

In the ICS people function, we are a team who work with a number of organisations who provide health and social care services across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. These organisations include NHS Trusts, social care, voluntary sector, local authorities and primary care (your GP practice). In the people function, our focus is our workforce.

We are striving to create a long term health and care workforce by retaining the valuable skills of staff currently working with us, encouraging new people to join health and care and by creating new and exciting opportunities for our future workforce.

Our careers and education area is currently under development, but you can expect to find the below areas and information from 1 September 2022:

  • People hub
  • Recruitment
  • Employer support
  • Apprenticeships
  • Work experience
  • Resource hub

Meet the team

  • People plan, transformation & delivery team

    Nicola Forrest – Project Manager

    Megan Page – Senior Project Lead

    Aimee Beth Colgan – Outreach Advisor

    Lucy Beckett – Project Lead

    Jon Owen – Project Officer

    Candy Montgomery – Project Administrator


    Contact us: icspeopleprojects@mpft.nhs.uk

  • Recruitment team

    Anna Hollingworth - Recruitment Team Leader

    Katie Nelmes - Senior Recruitment Advisor

    Kerry Tate - Recruitment Administrator

    Sue Croxton - Recruitment Administrator

    Keira Burton – Recruitment Administrator

    Lucy Moore - Recruitment and Resources Administrator


    Contact Us:  ICSRecruitment@mpft.nhs.uk

  • Deployment team

    Ruth Beard - Recruitment & Deployment Manager

    Di Mellor - Deployment Team Leader

    Emma Rhodes - Senior Deployment Advisor

    Emma Lear - Deployment Advisor

    Jan Podmore - Deployment Advisor

    Kim Taylor - Deployment Advisor


    Contact Us: SSOT.ICSPeopleHub@mpft.nhs.uk

  • Retention & experience

    Charlotte Durber - Retention Co-ordinator

    Anna Macdonald - Retention Coordinator

    Contact Us – charlotte.durber@mpft.nhs.uk and anna.macdonald@mpft.nhs.uk

  • Workforce planning

    Sharon Dennison – Workforce Planning Manager

    Lisa Bennett – Workforce Planning Manager

    Sarah Machin - Workforce Analyst

  • Senior leaders

    Mish Irvine - ICS Associate Director of People

    Gemma Treanor - Head of ICS People Programme

    Martine Stokes - Resourcing & Retention Lead

Upcoming events

  • Upcoming events

    OPEN DAY: 6th July, Bridge Centre, Hanley 10am - 6.30pm

    Come for an informal chat with our friendly team about home care worker roles; we could even interview you on the day!

    Email us for more info and to register NOW - ICSRecruitment@mpft.nhs.uk

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